Kewaunee School District - Board Policies Kewaunee School District - Board Policies en-us Click the links below to view the Kewaunee School District policies and procedures. 185 School Board Standing Committees // standg cmt rev 061614.pdf 343.4 Course Options Policy // options-rev 011816.pdf 343.4 Course Options Rule // course options rule.pdf 345.6 Graduation // Graduation Policy 111615.pdf 538 Evaluation of Certified Staff // Eval of Staff 102014.pdf 538 Rule Principal Evaluation System // principal evaluation system rule 072114.pdf 763 School Meals Policy // School Meals policy 031615.pdf 763.1 School Meal Account Collection // School Meal Account Collection Rule031615.pdf 830 Community Use of School Facilities // use of facilities.pdf 830 Rule Facilities Fee Schedule // rule facility fee schedule.pdf 830 Exhibit Building Use Application and Contract // building use application and contract.pdf 831 Tobacco Free District Policy // tobacco free district.pdf 830 Possession and/or Usage of Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Rule // possession and or usage rule.pdf 831.1 Tobacco Use by Staff Members (including Electronic Cigarette)/Procedures Rule // tobacco use by staff members rule.pdf