Kewaunee School District - Old - Board Policies Kewaunee School District - Old - Board Policies en-us Academic Excellence High Education Scholarship tie breaking procedures 121911.pdf Acceleration Policy BOARD PROCEDURES CURRENT EPS FILE.pdf Adding Interscholastic Sports Policy interscholastic athletics rule 121613.pdf Administration of Medication Procedure med proc 040411.pdf Administration of Medication to Students Policy med 112310.pdf Administrative Team Operating Principles Principles.pdf Administrative Team Values Team Values Revised 2007.pdf Admission of Foreign Exchange Student of Foreign Exchange Student 2007.pdf Advertising Costs Procedure Cost Procedure 2007 dec.pdf Advertising in the School District in the School District.pdf Agenda Format Policy Format Policy.pdf Alternative Studies Studies.pdf Assistive Technology Policy Technology Policy.pdf At Risk Programs Policy at risk plan 091613.pdf At Risk Programs Rule at risk rule 091613.pdf Attendance Task Force Task Force2.pdf Awarding Diplomas Policy Diplomas Policy.pdf