Kewaunee School District - Board Policies Kewaunee School District - Board Policies en-us Class and Cllub Accounting Procedures // and Club Accounting Procedures.pdf Chemicals Policy // Policy.pdf Child Abuse and Neglect // Child Abuse and Neglect.pdf Coaching Employment // Coaching Employment-rev 1008.pdf Co-Curricular Travel // Travel.pdf Communicable Diseases Administrative Procedure // Diseases Administrative Procedure.pdf Communicable Diseases Policy // Diseases Policy.pdf Communication During a Crisis Policy // 051413.pdf Communications // Community Use of School Facilities // Use of School Facilities.pdf Competitive Food Policy // Food Policy.pdf Computer Literacy Test Policy // Literacy Test Policy Revised 2007.pdf Concession Stands - Contracting Management Services Procedure // Concession stands.pdf Conflict of Interest // of Interest.pdf Contacting Attorneys, Auditors, and other Consultants // Attorney, Auditors and other Coonsultants.pdf Copyright Policy // Policy.pdf Curriculum and Educational Philosophy // Curriculum & Educational Philosophy.pdf Curriculum Community Council Policy // Community Council Policy.pdf Curriculum Policy // Policy.pdf