Food Service

Dear Parents and Guardians:

 We appreciate your using our Hot Lunch Program; it is nutritious and convenient. As with all businesses, negative accounts cost the school money. Because of that, all lunch accounts MUST keep a positive balance at all times. We urge parents to pay ahead so there is always money in the family account. It is very time consuming and costly for schools to send home notices with students, mail notices home, and to phone parents to let them know their lunch account is negative. It is important that parents monitor their child’s lunch account and make payments when the account is getting low. As a parent, you are able to monitor your child’s lunch account through Infinite Campus (our Student and Parent Portal).  If you need information on how to login to Infinite Campus, please contact the Kewaunee Grade School or High School offices.  The following are ways that parents will be informed when the lunch account gets low:

1)      Parents will receive an email notification if their email is on file through Infinite Campus.

2)      When your child’s lunch account gets below negative $15, parents will receive a phone call concerning the account, and no charges will be allowed on the account if the balance is not paid within 3 business days.

There are several ways to pay for the lunch account:

1)      Pay with a credit card on our Parent Portal (Infinite Campus) by going to and clicking on the Infinite Campus link at the top of the page, or go to to access the site directly. You can also pay by credit card by stopping in the District Office or pay over the phone by calling Susan Uhlers at (920) 388-3230 x504.

2)      Pay by cash or check at the any of our school offices

3)      For families that qualify, please take advantage of our Free and Reduced Meals Program. Not only does it benefit you, our school receives additional aid for various other programs. You may request forms from any of the school offices or go to the Kewaunee School District website at and print the Free and Reduced meals application. All information is confidential.

 IMPORTANT:  Do you want your child to have ala carte items? If not, send a written note to the lunch program or email It is necessary for you to notify us each school year of any items that you want blocked from your child’s lunch account, or of any food allergies.

 If you have any questions concerning your child’s lunch account or any of the information above, please contact Susan Uhlers at, 915 Third St, Kewaunee, Wi. 54216, (920) 388-3230 x504, or email

HEY MOM and DAD...

Did you know the Lunch Ladies will make an afterschool bag lunch for your student?  That's right, no more last minute trips for a sub sandwich; students in any grade can pick up their bag lunch right at school, they just go to their cafeteria!  For $3.70, students will receive a brown-bagger packed with goodness...Choice of Sandwich, Bag of Chips, Fresh Fruit, Granola Bar, and Choice of Beverage.  The sign up for bag lunches is located at the computer station in the grade school or high school cafeteria.  Students should sign up by 9 AM to make sure there's enough time to prepare lunch.  Don't need a complete lunch...students can also purchase snacks for after school during their lunch time.  The food service department offers a variety of items from apples to wraps.

Breakfast 3K-12th Grade   No Charge

Lunch 3K-5th Grade  $2.55

Lunch 6th Grade -12th Grade   $2.75

Reduced lunch price (For qualified students) $.30

Milk $.35

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