School Board

Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of seven members, each elected for a 3-year term. The board develops policy and direction for the school district, and oversees the operation of the district.

The Board is committed to collaboration as a leadership style. The following operating principles of the Board support this method of leadership:

  • All decisions made by the Board will support academic excellence.

  • All decisions made by the Board will support the collaborative vision of the district.

  • Board members will listen to issues with an open mind.

  • Board members will demonstrate mutual respect for each other and to those throughout the community.

  • The Board will stay focused on the goals of the district while maintaining flexibility.

  • Board members will support all final actions, federal laws, and board policy.

  • Board members will make informed decisions.

  • Board members will explain their votes when requested.

  • Board members will foster a positive attitude.

  • The Board will strive to maintain and promote a caring, fair, and socially just educational community.