Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher Information

If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher for the Kewaunee School District, you must submit a completed Substitute Teacher Application form and a copy of either your Wisconsin teacher license or your Wisconsin substitute teacher license.

If you do not have a Wisconsin teacher license or a Wisconsin substitute teacher license, you must first complete a Substitute Teacher Training program.  Click this link to be directed to the WI Department of Public Instruction's website with information on obtaining your substitute license including information on training programs.

Once your completed application form and the copy of your license is received, a criminal background check will be performed.  This process may take up to one week.  Provided your background check is clear, you will be required to meet with our principals and also "shadow" several teachers to become familiar with our school district and technology in the classrooms before you will be placed on our substitute teacher call list.

Please note:  there is no guarantee you will be called in to sub, nor is there a guarantee you will receive a certain number of hours per year.  You will remain on our substitute list until either you, or the district, removes you.

The Kewaunee School District pays $120 per day, $60 per half-day or less.

Click here for the Substitute Teacher Application form.  Once completed, please mail to Cara Delebreau, Kewaunee School District, 915 Third Street, Kewaunee WI  54216.  If you have further questions, please call Cara at 920-388-3230, extension 501.

The Kewaunee School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.